Clinton Porter

name Clinton is responsible for online marketing, ecommerce consultancy and brand-building on the internet. A very experienced online marketing consultant, he has an in-depth knowledge of websites, web design and web development. Clinton is experienced at running seminars and is often employed by Business Link and other business groups to engage with them this his particular hands on style, and impart key knowledge about building a business online. His starting point is always to get to know the client, their business and their needs before committing to any project design. This allows him to propose solutions that will have a real benefit to any client and maximise their return upon investment.

What are the benefits of valet car parking?

06th December 2005
Valet car parking is simply the benefit of having someone else park your car for you and pick you up at your door with your car. At its most common it is used at hotels. However, it is probably most useful at airports where you are most likely to be weigh... Read >

Wedding anniversary years and gifts

31st October 2005
Wedding Anniversaries 1 Year Paper                         2 Years Cotton              &nb... Read >